A Quick Introduction to Programming with Scratch 3.0 by Ryan Swanstrom

A Quick Introduction to Programming with Scratch 3.0

Program Your First Game

What's included?

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Welcome to Class
1 min
Programming Concepts
2 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Demo
1 min
Your First Game - Dino Cat Chase
Dino Cat Chase - Getting Started
7 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Edge Bounce & Centering
4 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Adding the Dino
5 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Dino Chases Cat
4 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Caught
3 mins
Bonus Content
Dino Cat Chase - Create a Scratch Account
3 mins
Dino Cat Chase - Make the Dino Appear to Run
3 mins
Congratulations and Thank You!
Congrats and Thanks
1 min


Do I need a special computer?

No. You need a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. It will work on a desktop, laptop, iPad, and many other tablets.

Do I have to homeschool to take this course?


What ages are right for this course?

Naturally, all children are different but this course should be ok for ages 7 and up.