Technology Education for Professionals and Homeschoolers

Hello, I am Ryan Swanstrom. It's nice to meet you. I am a homeschool dad, computer programmer, and data scientist. I discovered there was a lack of materials for homeschool children to learn programming and technology, so I decided to build some. I hope you and your children find them useful.

My Bride and I homeschool our 5 children in South Dakota, USA. 

Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Exam Checklist

Get your checklist of the Microsoft DP-100 exam. Passing the exam will qualify you for the Azure Data Scientist Associate certification. 
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Microsoft Data Science Certification Study Group

Are you interested in the new Microsoft AI, Data Science and Data Engineering certifications? Sign up to know when a study group and/or training course will be launched.
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A Quick Introduction to Programming with Scratch 3.0

This course will take you from an absolute beginner to building your very first game in Scratch 3.0. All you need is a web browser. Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux and even iPad will work.
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